NOTICE!   Our 'Stay at Home' mandate continues here in Michigan for another couple of weeks, at least, and we're all eager, and itching, to get back to our routines, and our jobs, and our lives.  This is certainly an era that people will be remembering and talking about for generations.  

We've been asking each week, as we gather virtually, what is God trying to say to YOU personally, individually, through all this?  What is He trying to teach you?  How is He desiring to use you, in the lives of the people around you through all of this?  The world around us seems to be intent on giving us all the reasons we should be nervous, and anxious, and afraid, but never forget that GOD is right here with us, to whatever degree we will allow Him to be.  Jesus said, "Behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."  ..and "I will never leave you!  Neither will I ever forsake you."  Cling to those truths when you feel the urge to get nervous or anxious !! 

   Our Sunday Worship Celebrations have moved to a "Live Stream"  web-based  format.. which you can access at 10am Sunday Mornings,  or anytime thereafter on our Facebook page or on our Youtube page


Hitting the "Watch Video" button will take you right to our LiveStream page.

    ... or you can hit the 'Live Stream' button in the Coronavirus Updates section of our Home Page.  

If you would be interested in gathering in a (VIRTUAL) small group to worship together during the 'Live Stream' worship events... try using 'Zoom' video-conferencing, Facebook messenger, or 'Google Hangout' to form virtual groups and watch it 'together' from wherever you are. 

An audio recording of our Worship Services will still be posted in the 'Our Teachings' section of this website, by early Sunday afternoon.  You can access those by hitting the 'Listen Online' button on the Home Page.


Several of our Bible Studies and Classes have switched over to a 'Zoom' video-conferencing format during this time.. including the Prime of Life class, Wednesday Youth Group,  the '1st Sunday of the Month' Bible Study...  Check with your facilitator to learn how to tune in. 

All 'On-Site' Bible Studies & Classes will NOT meet while the State 'Stay at Home' mandate is in place.  ..check back for updates on future weeks.