august - SEPTEMBER 2018

08/05/18 others by mimicking God's Patience

God is familiar with our weaknesses.  He knows all our faults and failures, yet he remains patient with us.   This message helps us discover the different ways God demonstrates patience and practical ways we can develop patience toward others.   

GETTING CLOSER - ...mimicking God's patience
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08/12/18 male / female relationships

Having quality male/ female relationships allows us to live a healthy, happy life.  We reduce stress and accomplish more when we have a thriving rapport with one another.  We can develop more effective communication habits.  We can use the two key ingredients of love and respect to resolve conflict and grow closer to the people we love the most.   

GETTING CLOSER - ...Two key ingredients in Male/ Female Relationships
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08/19/18 those far from God

The greatest commandment, and Jesus’ calling of Levi (Matthew), the tax collector, give us a compelling challenge to be a witness to those far from God, as Jesus was.  ...a witness to those who don't know God, even the ones who seem hostile to God.  It encourages us to look for opportunities to love our neighbors as Jesus loved the sinners and the tax collectors of his day, despite the disapproval of the religious leaders.  

Getting Closer - those far from God
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08/26/18 ...          Clay Stanton

Clay Stanton, Director of Student Ministries at CrossPoint, shares a teaching from the Lord's Prayer on forgiving others as we have also been forgiven by God.  

Getting Closer - Forgive as We've Been Forgiven
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No matter where you are in life, there's always a way to improve your relationship skills.  Navigating life with the people you work with and spend time with can often make or break your day.  Life is easier when you get along, and you accomplish more when you work well with others.  This message shares proven relationship strategies that have helped millions of people worldwide.   

Getting Closer - 3 Secrets to Getting Healthy
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09/09/18 ...

The image of a father can send mixed messages.  Nobody's father can ever be perfect. That's why God wants to show you the image of a perfect father through his love toward you.  This message teaches us how God the Father's love can redeem, regenerate, and renew us for his glory.   Will you let Him love you?

Getting Closer - Letting God Love You
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09/16/18 ...

What is the most important word in the Bible?  There are many significant words to choose from.  If you want to grow closer to God, the word "glory" stands out above the rest.  In this message, you'll learn how understanding God's glory can bring you into a closer relationship with Him.   

Getting Closer - The Word That Grows You Closer to God
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