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JUNE - august

06/10/18  Pray without ceasing

So what exactly does a real church do?  Let's make a list and then start examining what God's Word has to teach us about each expected activity.  We'll start here: 'Never stop praying!' 

DOING CHURCH - Pray without Ceasing
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06/17/18  Heroic Fathers

Getting the 'Dad-thing' right isn't easy.  King David, in the Bible, teaches us that.  For all the amazing things that David did well, fatherhood wasn't one of them... and yet God still used him mightily.  How could his accomplishments, his accolades, been even grander, if he hadn't had to run for his life from his own son, and lose his kingdom in the process.  What characteristics can we develop within ourselves to help us get this one right?

DOING CHURCH - Heroic Fathers
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06/24/18  Swordsmanship

What else does the church do besides pray?  What else do we need to practice, and get better at, and make a bigger part of how we do life and how we are?  We are to know God’s Word… really know it, understand it, internalize it, apply it on a day by day, moment by moment basis.   2 Timothy says ‘Study (His Word) to show yourself approved.’  Colossians 3:16 says, ‘Let God’s Word Dwell in You Richly.’  The apostles proclaimed that they would dedicate themselves to ‘prayer and to the ministry of the Word’.  How can we place God’s Word more at the center of our lives?

DOING CHURCH - Swordsmanship
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07/01/18  Most IMportant

Paul directs, commands young Timothy in 2 Timothy 4 to ‘Preach the Gospel in season and out of season’; -when it’s convenient and when it’s not, when people are eager to hear it, and when they’re not.  He also instructs him to ‘Do the work of an evangelist!  Fulfill your ministry!!’  Whew!  Good thing he wasn’t talking to us!  Or was he?  But that might cramp my style, get in the way of my life plans, make me lose friends.  We don’t really have to be that ‘fanatical’ do we?.... do we?   Who is God calling you to touch?       

DOING CHURCH - Most Important
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07/08/18  guidance

Everyone knows that God is Love… but we haven’t quite figured out yet that the Church is to be known beyond all else, as a source of radical love in this world.  ‘By this all men will know that you are my disciples; -that you have love for one another’.   How does that impact how we respond when we are wronged, when we are hurt, when we are overwhelmed by our to-do list and yet come across someone in need?   It’s impossible! … unless of course our love for God drives all we do and all we are.

DOING CHURCH - More Guidance
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07/15/18  stepping out I

Guest speaker Rev. Art Tober issues a challenge to share our faith through a discussion of Jesus' feeding of the 5,000 and Peter's walking on the water from Matthew 14.

DOING CHURCH - Stepping Out part I
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07/22/18  stepping out ii

Guest speaker Rev. Art Tober issues a challenge to share our faith through a discussion of Jesus' post-resurrection beach appearance in John 21.

DOING CHURCH - Stepping Out part II
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07/29/18  worship

We’ve looked at numerous characteristics of members of the Church of Jesus Christ.  What happens if that doesn’t describe your life?  What do you call someone who has to check ‘No’, that’s NOT me, at each trait?  More importantly, how can we encourage one another to grow deeper in these critical Church descriptors?  And we’ll add one more:  true members of the Church of Jesus Christ Worship… even in the bad times.

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