Away in a Manger

December 2019

12/01/19 ...

Hope Arrives - David Ledbetter
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What are the things we desperately desire at Christmas.  It's almost as though we've set up the season to remind of what we REALLY need.  What could possibly be more uplifting anytime than Hope.  Can you find it in the midst of all you face this Christmas season?   

12/08/19 ...

Peace... The Shepherds - David Ledbetter
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We see it in moments, but all too soon it disappears in our lives.  In nature.  In the smiles of our children,  In tears of joy.  In eyes raised to heaven.  Peace eludes us when we try to create it ourselves.  What if we simply accepted the peace that our Heavenly Father supplies in the gift He gave us at Christmas? 

12/15/19 ...

Love.. Mary - David Ledbetter
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The beauty of Christmas is so easily obscured by the glitter of the season.  It can leave us feeling inadequate and unlovable, maybe even simply unloved.  Nothing could possibly be further from the truth in the eyes of the God who thought you up and who, even now, wants you to know how deeply you are treasured.  Mary became even more assured in who it is who loves her as she journeys towards the birth of her baby. 

12/22/19 ...

Joy.. Joseph - David Ledbetter
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Happiness appears to be our goal.  If only we could be happy.  That may consist of eliminating the things that make us unhappy, but, if we're honest that is such a moving target.  A contentment that exists outside of happiness is where it's at on the attitude achievement scale.  Joseph seems to have figured this one out.

12/29/19 ...

Trust - How to Have Faith - Clay Stanton
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Christmas brings with it a number of stories, many of which are simply fictional accounts of lovable characters.   What do you make of the story of Jesus?  What must we know about the things we really trust in?  How do we connect with the truth of our need and Jesus' provision?