june - July 2019

06/23/19 ...

Making Space to Slow the Pace - David Ledbetter
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Between family, work, and the hectic pace of life, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and overloaded. In this message, we learn how to lower stress, increase peace of mind, and live a life of margin. You’ll learn what steps to take to create breathing room in your life. Find out how to accept limitations, recognize overload, expect problems, and prune activities in your schedule. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to walk with Jesus and live well, instead of just fast. The end results will be a healthier mind, body, and availability for God to use you!

06/30/19 ...

Learning to Slow Down - David Ledbetter
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Do you feel like you’re constantly running on empty? Rather than burn out on reserves, we all need to create margin in every area of our lives: physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial. In this message, we learn how to add margin in your schedule so that you’re not always rushed and worn out. You’ll learn the five ways that being in a hurry can hurt you, and how to slow your pace for a healthier life. Find out how to be content, say “no,” take a day of rest, and trust God’s perfect timing. Discover how to use love as your filter and create space between your load and limits!

07/07/19 ...

The Secret to a Productive Life - David Ledbetter
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There’s a universal desire for productivity — to live a life that counts and matters. The Bible calls this stewardship and fruitfulness. In this message, we see the four secrets of a productive life. You’ll learn how God measures productivity and how to bear fruit that honors him. Find out how to cultivate deep roots, eliminate weeds in your life, cooperate with God’s pruning, and wait for a harvest. Discover why it’s not about how much you get done, but to whom you give the glory that counts!

07/14/19 ...

Keeping Your Tank Full - David Ledbetter
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When you drive, how low do you let the gas tank get before you fill it up? Have you ever run out of gas, even when the warning light told you that you were running on empty? In this message, we get 10 reasons we run out of gas, and how those reasons parallel our own lives. You’ll learn how to start your day with a full tank, watch your gauges, recognize your limits, and allow time to refuel. Find out how to keep your tank filled by giving up control, learning to trust Jesus, and starting every day topped off with the right fuel. Don’t miss this final message concluding our series, Living with Margin.