Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

FEBRUARY / May 2019

02/24/19 ...

The Source of Power - David Ledbetter
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Many Christians have a clear picture of who the Father is and are not fuzzy on the persona of Jesus, either. But when some consider the Holy Spirit, there can be confusion. Some believe they can call upon the Sprit and have Him do whatever they request at a moment's notice. Others think the Spirit may have ended his overt ministry 1,950 years ago. It's clear, however, in Scripture, that the Spirit is power. And the Bible has some clear guidelines about the how we interact with Him.  When we follow those guidelines, we allow the Spirit to prompt, lead and guide us.

03/03/19 ...

Breathe - David Ledbetter
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In the Bible, God breathed life into Adam. In addition, after his resurrection, Jesus breathed on his disciples and said, "Receive the Holy Spirit." In these examples we see that breathing gives life to us and then, going further, the Holy Spirit gives life. In the Old Testament, we learn that the Spirit worked in a corporate sense, giving supernatural strength and courage and giftedness. But we also see this was a temporary thing. When Jesus came, He said that the Spirit would be poured out on all people. And so it happens. In order for this to be accomplished, we then need to work on our "spiritual breathing."

03/10/19 ...

Matthew's First Step - Rev. Art Tober
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Jesus simplifies everything about having an intimate and life-changing relationship with our Heavenly Father.  The Old Testament establishes a God of infinite power, righteousness, goodness, and fierce loyalty to those who know Him and live according to His direction.  When men had turned that basis for relationship into a mountain of rules, Jesus stepped in and said that what was required was, indeed, very simple.  Follow Him.

03/17/19 ...

Anointed One - David Ledbetter
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Jesus was born as a human being and underwent all the trials and triumphs a human would. But Jesus had something else: He had the Holy Spirit indwelling in Him. In fact, the secret to Jesus' power in His life and ministry is that He lived in utter reliance on a partnership with the Holy Spirit. Every moment of His life, Jesus' partnership with the Spirit anointed Him. But the Spirit's work didn't end with Jesus. After Jesus was resurrected, the Holy Spirit was sent to earth again, but this time to anoint us, the believers in Jesus Christ. It is the same Spirit that anointed the Apostles on the day of Pentecost that can anoint us if we allow Him.

03/24/19 ...

Whose Job Is It? - David Ledbetter
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When it comes to spiritual growth, a big question people ask is “How does Christ get formed in me? Is it my job or the Holy Spirit's job?” Some people think they have to work at experiencing spiritual renewal. They are going to do everything in their power to please God and gain spiritual maturity. On the other side of the coin, some people are passive; they wait for the Spirit to move in them. These folks take no action; they believe only God produces spiritual renewal. Jesus compared the Holy Spirit to the wind. When we discern the wind of the God's Spirit in action (God's work), it is then up to us to align our lives with that discernment (our work).

03/31/19 ...

Guidance - Who Do You Go To? - David Ledbetter
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It is acceptable to much of society that people can talk to God. But for some, it is not as acceptable for God to talk back. But He does talk to us. He can talk to everyone, not just those who are seen as “Christian Giants.” However, listening to God is a learned behavior. We have to learn to still ourselves, to be alone with God, because the noise of the world can crowd His voice out. We have to get in a place where we will hear that voice -- to actually listen. In the Old Testament, Eli instructed Samuel to say: “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.” That should be our phrase, to allow God to speak because we are listening.

04/07/19 ...

FIguring Out The Holy Spirit _ Unity - David Ledbetter
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The Holy Spirit exists in the Trinity in mutual submission to the Father and the Son. The Son exalts and submits to the Father and the Father glorifies the Son. The Spirit points to the Son, who submits Himself the ministry of the Spirit. The Father delights in and sends the Spirit, who intercedes on our behalf to the Father. God wants us to have that same unity that the Trinity enjoys. We need to handle ourselves when in fellowship with fellow believers so that the unity forged by the Trinity can be ours also.

04/14/19 ...

Figuring Out The Holy Spirit _ Questions surrounding the Spirit - David Ledbetter
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The church is to be built on the "Unity" of the Holy Spirit, but often churches are divided on the very issue of the role and ministry of the Spirit.  Well-meaning Christians have disagreed for years on the Spirit's work.  How does the Spirit work in our present day and how can you tell if someone is truly indwelled with the Spirit?

04/21/19 ...

Easter Sunday: The Door.. it's Done! Will you walk thru it? - David Ledbetter
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The primary reason Jesus came to earth in the first  place, was to construct a door.  A way of escape from the punishment of our sin.  An entrance into the life God has always dreamed of for us through forgiveness and mercy and love.  A doorway into the opportunities God wants to place before us in life.  Now the only question that remains is: Will you walk through the door Jesus completed when He said, "It is finished"?  

04/28/19 ...

The Nature of Spiritual Gifts - David Ledbetter
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When the Holy Spirit begins His residence in us, He gives us certain gifts that we are expected to use to edify and build up the body of Christ.  These "Spiritual Gifts" come in many forms.  There are gifts of helps, prophesy, teaching, hospitality, intercessory prayer, leadership, knowledge, encouragement, giving, etc.  Some are classified as "up-front" gifts, others are "support" gifts.  What we need to remember is that all gifts are equal in the eyes of God and should be in our eyes, too.

05/05/19 ...

The Nature of Spiritual GIfts Part 2 - David Ledbetter
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After we learn of the gifts the Holy Spirit imparts to us, we are instructed to use them to serve the church, and not let them go to waste.  There are gifts of evangelism, faith, craftsmanship, apostleship, shepherding, administration, wisdom, discernment, creative communication, etc.  It is up to us to discover our gifts by trying them out in service.  The body of Christ needs our gifts as much as we do.

05/12/19 ...

Filtering Out the Toxins - David Ledbetter
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We are called to 'have the mind of Christ', but this world will compete for the attention of our mind as well.  That's where the Holy Spirit comes in.  The Spirit acts as a filter; to keep our mind on the things of God.  The media, other people, and even our own mind can draw us away from God.  The Holy Spirit is our guide and internal barometer to help us filter out the toxic things of this world and ensure that our mind follows after God.

05/19/19 ...

Signed, Sealed, Secured - David Ledbetter
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The Holy Spirit constantly reminds us that we belong to God.  Jesus withdrew and got alone with the Spirit daily; -constantly.  We need to do the same thing,  When we're disappointed, when we need to hear conviction over sin, and when we feel alone.  The Holy Spirit is present to remind us that we are God's children and He will never leave us. 

Memorial Day _ Live Life Well - David Ledbetter
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05/26/19 ...