januAry /FEBRUARY 2019

01/06/19 ...

New Year, New You - David Ledbetter
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New Years naturally lend themselves to reflection and commitment.  For two weeks, gyms are jammed and diets are followed.  All too soon, we return to the familiar and 2019 has a solid chance to look an awful lot like 2018 and 2017 and 2016, and ... How can we truly begin to change to make our lives more of what we know they should be?

01/13/19 ...

Relationships - David Ledbetter
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Restarts are perhaps toughest in our relationships.  Scars linger long where hurts are intense, and almost nowhere are they more intense than in our closest relationships; whether they be love relationships, friendships, or family.  There are some very basic ways we can work to heal those deep hurts and give God room to bring something beautiful our of our pain.

01/20/19 ...

The Power of Restarting Your Schedule - David Ledbetter
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Organization should be a good thing.  Good habits, built into our every day help us to thrive and grow throughout our lives.  When we arrive at a place where our schedules either no longer serve those goals or are more and more filled with unGodly things, it's time to evaluate.  Restart, as it were....

01/27/19 ...

The Power of Contentedness - David Ledbetter
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Achievement is a noble undertaking.  All healthy people want to accomplish good things.  In our culture, we often tie accomplishment to riches, or power, or security or some tangible, but yet temporary thing.  The apostle Paul spoke about contentedness; or satisfaction in the face of imperfection.  Can you be satisfied in the midst of pain or unfulfilled dreams or losses?  Jesus teaches us that we will be unhappy until we learn how to do so.  

02/03/19 ...

Restart - The Power of Sabbath - David Ledbetter
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Rest.  We all claim to want it.  Studies have shown how we don't get nearly enough of it.  Question is, do we really understand our need for it?  Built in to God's plan for our health and overall well-being is necessary and renewing rest.  There are lots of things in our lives that consume our time, many of which we could stand to reconsider, right?  Sabbath is a great idea!

02/10/19 ...

Restart - Running The Table - David Ledbetter
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For those of us who labor, every week or two or maybe once a month we have the privilege receiving our earnings.  The fruit of our labors.  Much more often than that, we make decisions to spend our money.  These daily decisions can add up in so many ways to financial slavery and pain and restrict our freedom to be salt and light in our world.  We can often be so protective of our money.  Can we give as much thought and energy to our healthy relationship with the world and with GOd?

02/17/19 ...

Rethinking Work - David Ledbetter
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Work often feels like drudgery.  More people dislike their jobs in America than maybe ever before.  The crazy part is that many jobs are far less physically demanding than ever.  Human factors are a bigger consideration in job engineering than ever.  But if it's not the physical wear and tear that is leaving us unhappy at work what could it be?  Is it possible that it isn't the job that's the problem at all?