JESUS: What's the Big Deal?

SEPTEMBER - October  2018

09/23/18 ...

Who is This Guy, Anyway? - David Ledbetter
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There are lots of opinions about who Jesus is.  Many of the opinions are only lightly informed and many of us believe there is not much to rely on for first hand information.  Today we look at the historical Jesus and consider who He claimed to be.   

09/30/18 ...

Jesus - Why Does He Matter? - Clay Stanton
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Many people contend that all religions are basically the same.  That is an opinion that can only be held outside serious research.  There are indeed many religious paths that we are presented with.  Most of them call us to more moral living, which on the surface can seem right.  Why is Jesus' path to God so unique and so radical?

10/07/18 ...

His Invitation - David Ledbetter
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Every day we make countless decisions.  Many we make thoughtlessly... Turn right, turn left.  Stop, hurry.  There are, though, a handful of life decisions we really need to think through.  Life partner, career, children.  Eternity.  Being here in this life with Jesus or without Him is THE biggest decision you will ever make.  It requires thought and understanding and an honest heart.  Please listen.  Understand.  Consider.  And trust in a Savior who loves you from before the world was made.   

10/14/18 ...

Olay I Believe. Now What? - David Ledbetter
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All kinds of things are connected to the moment we place our life, by true faith, in Jesus Christ.  Changes, some instantaneous, begin to remake who we are at the most basic level.  It is these changes that define us as Christ followers.  You need to know what they are, prepare for them, pray for them.  Closeness to Christ, loving Him in real visible ways, is what the Joy of Jesus is really built on.  Listen...