JuLY - aUGUST 2019

07/21/19 ...

The RIght Choices - David Ledbetter
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Successful people often ask themselves, “What do I need to do today to be where I want to be tomorrow?” In this message, we see the importance of choices and how changing our values can give us the future we want — in marriage, business, family, faith, and community. You’ll learn how God gives us freedom to accept his will and follow his purpose, just as Moses did when approaching the Promised Land. Find out how the life-shaping decisions that Moses made can impact you today, by choosing to live by faith and follow the values of God.

07/28/19 ...

The Right Guide - David Ledbetter
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Whenever you travel to a new destination, you have four options to get to know that place: you can walk around, get a map, read a guidebook, or hire a guide. The same goes for your personal life. Which option you choose will determine how effective, meaningful, significant, and fulfilling your life becomes. In this message, we see how God has given us both a guidebook in the Bible and a personal guide in the Holy Spirit. You’ll learn the ways the Holy Spirit wants to help us and guide us, and the necessary steps to take to be led by him. Find out how to wait for God’s response, trust his guidance, hear his voice, and rely on the Holy Spirit’s power instead of your own willpower!

08/04/19 ...

Choosing the Right Team - David Ledbetter
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Success is never a one-person show. You need other people to fulfill the plan God has for your life. In this message, we learn how to choose the right team for your dream, starting with models, mentors, partners, and friends, and we see how a team can help lift the load, bring out our best, compensate for our weaknesses, and pick us up when we stumble. The right team will help us to grow in integrity, humility, and generosity.

08/11/19 ...

The Right Doors - David Ledbetter
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Doors have great spiritual significance in the Bible. In fact, there are about 400 references to doors in Scripture, ranging from a gateway to opportunity to a door to salvation. In this message, we examine what we need to know about the doors in our life. You’ll learn why every door is a decision, and how our destiny will be shaped by which doors we pass by and which ones we walk through. Find out how to distinguish between doors of opportunities and doors of distractions.