aUGUST - October 2019

08/18/19 ... What Makes a Hero?

What Makes A Hero - David Ledbetter
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   When you hear the word "hero," who immediately comes to mind?  Maybe it's a superhero from a comic book, or a mentor who shaped your life, or a public figure you've never actually met.  Have you ever considered that God wants to use you as a hero in the lives of people around you?  ‘Everyday Heroes’ takes an in-depth look at what it takes to be a genuine hero for God.

    Who has made such a lasting impact on your life that you consider them to be your hero?  Maybe it's a parent, a professor, a mentor, or even a public figure you haven't actually met yet. When we reflect on the ways we've been shaped by their influence, we can't help but feel admiration and gratitude for the sacrifice they've made; -not for themselves but for us.  In this message, we’ll examine three qualities that make a hero.  You'll learn how to be a hero to someone else by standing alone for what's right, making sacrifices for others, and taking risks for God.  

08/25/19 ...

Heroic Singleness - David Ledbetter
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You can be a hero by making sacrifices for others and taking risks for God.  The gift of singleness, teaching from 1 Corinthians 7:7-9, examines how everyday heroes view their relationship status as a gift, live for another world, and know why they are single.   

09/08/19 ...

Heroes In The Home - David Ledbetter
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With so many overwhelming needs in the world, does the thought of making a difference seem daunting?  Sometimes it's easier to just look away from the problem and hope someone else will step in to be the hero.  Have you ever thought that God wants to use you  (not someone else) to sacrifice for others?  In this message you’ll learn how to be an everyday hero in your home, workplace, and community.  Discover how to be a champion for others by living out the assignment God has for your life.

09/15/19 ...

Paradoxical Heroes - David Ledbetter
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If you’ve ever heard a news story of someone who put their own life at risk to save someone else, you know we’re quick to call them a hero.  But most people who sacrifice their own lives don't actually consider themselves heroes; -they think of the act as something they were meant to do.  In this message, we look at how God is looking for unexpected heroes to "break the rules" and do things that often don't make sense.  You’ll learn the five characteristics of a hero and how God wants to use your faith to achieve the impossible.

09/22/19 ...

What Can God Do Thru You? - David Ledbetter
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Judges 6-8 gives us 6 lessons gleaned from the life and ministry of a very unlikely hero: Gideon.  We’ll look at his call, his sacrifice, and his anointing… and the impact he had on the people around him. 

09/29/19 ...

Finding Everyday Strength - David Ledbetter
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Ask any young child what a hero looks like, and most likely they’ll give you examples of capes, masks, lasers, and supernatural powers.  Did you ever consider your faith to be a supernatural power?  The Bible is full of examples of ordinary people whose faith and obedience, not their size or stature, gave them strength: David defeated Goliath, Daniel faced the lions, Moses parted the Red Sea, and Joshua halted the sun.  This message talks about where we can find everyday strength based on what we learn from the successes and failures of the life of Samson.  

10/06/19 ...

What a Holy Mess! - David Ledbetter
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When we examine the lives of superheroes, they all have one thing in common... mess and pain in their past. Even the 12 disciples who spent every moment with Jesus had messiness in their lives.  It’s the messiness that can lead to authentic growth and freedom from the past?  We can come to grips with our messiness and draw closer to God through the pain.  Find out how to become an everyday hero in spite of your brokenness.

10/13/19 ...

How to Be More Heroic - David Ledbetter
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When we think of our own lives and all the chaos that surrounds us, it’s tough to imagine ourselves as superheroes.  But your life doesn’t have to be perfect in order to make an impact.  In fact, heroes embrace life as it is and allow God to use their circumstances to bring change to them and others.  Heroes listen to truth, are quick to do what’s right, and accept full responsibility for their actions.  You can be more heroic by following your faith over feelings and being completely real with those around.