PEace On EARth

december  2018

12/09/18 ...

Peace on Earth: Thru Praying for Others - David Ledbetter
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What can we do to be involved in bringing the PEACE that the Christmas angels promised into our corner of the world?  There are tragedies and atrocities on a global scale, and on an individual scale in our own lives.  But we can inject God's peace into those evils through the power of prayer and through our actions as we care for those around us who are suffering.    

12/16/18 ...

Peace On Earth _ Through You - David Ledbetter
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An examination of how we can let Jesus transform us into peacemakers through His powerful transforming grace.

12/23/18 ...

Peace on Earth Through the Christmas Story - David Ledbetter
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What does the good news of Christmas have to do with peace, and how would you even share it with someone?  In the midst of all the holiday busyness, it's good to pause and consider how we might include everyone in the celebration.  Discover how sharing the Good News brings peace.  You will learn how a simple invitation, or sharing an encouraging message with someone you know this Christmas, can change a life.  

12/24/18 ...

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Christmas is a time to celebrate with your family and friends. But in the midst of the holiday busyness, it's easy to forget the most important gift of all — joy. In this message we examine how to break through the barriers keeping us from having joy. You'll discover the three keys to experiencing deep, lasting joy, and peace, no matter your circumstances.

12/30/18 ...

Who Do You Say That I Am? - Josh Curtis
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It's not always easy to know if you're going to like a gift until you actually use it.  What's more, there are some gifts that require us to adjust ourselves, our very lifestyles to get the most out of them.  Some gifts we receive change us.  The gift of love and forgiveness is one such gift.  When the son of God, just born on Christmas grows up, He will ask you to invite Him fully into your world and even now He poses a question that we must answer and then help others answer, too.